TYPO3 Conference 2018
30th — 31st October in Berlin


Day 1, 14:20 — 15:05, Room Two

Coders.Care - Service Level Agreements for TYPO3 extensions

Jo Hasenau
Petra Hasenau

As a developer or user of Open-Source software you want a professional partner to make sure your solutions are something your business can rely on.

Within our project Coders.Care developers and users are joining forces to provide reliability, sustainability and responsiveness for each other.

Together with the TYPO3 core SLAs provided by the TYPO3 GmbH this generates a solid base of trusted products and ensures the ongoing success and growth of the TYPO3 project.

In this talk we will explain the benefits of these SLAs for developers, agencies, customers and the TYPO3 project itself.

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