TYPO3 Conference 2018
30th — 31st October in Berlin


Day 1, 12:35 — 13:20, Room Two

Marketing Automation with TYPO3

Ekkehard Gümbel

Marketing Automation is among the hottest topics in digital projects these days.

This talk does not only explain the concepts, potentials and implications, but also looks at the reality in the web world and specifically with TYPO3.

This includes

  • A brief roundup of Marketing Automation tools,
  • An overview of public technology for connecting TYPO3 to these tools, e.g. tracking, form data integration, as well as predictive and other dynamic web content
  • Future directions like ties into personalisation through TYPO3
  • And of course a case study.

Moreover, the technical and business approaches - and lessons learned - of multiple agencies will be covered, with an invitation to create a joint effort.

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