TYPO3 Conference 2018
30th — 31st October in Berlin


Day 2, 12:00 — 12:45, Room One

rankingCoach: Offering and Reselling Online Marketing – Dream, Reality, or Nightmare? You Choose!

Nikolay Nedev

How to offer cost effective and efficient online marketing packages to SMEs and microbusinesses. Between SEO being complicated, overpriced, a working mystery, what effects will follow, and many more, there are multiple challenges SMEs face in today’s market. However, the fact still stands that it is a necessity in the times we live in to be successful. For those who are there to help others with their online marketing, it can be time consuming, expensive, with no promise of results or scalability, when offering such services. Without the additional cost of training staff or keeping up to date in SEO trends, a device is needed to do the majority of grunt work when optimizing websites. Making tasks easier and automated, there is a way to achieve the trust of end-users even with a lack of understanding about digital marketing. An efficient way to improve ARPU and lower churn with simply the addition of easy to use software. Adding onto core services, while offering marketing, webhosting, or other digital services to increase client lifetime.

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