TYPO3 Conference 2018
30th — 31st October in Berlin


Day 1, 16:25 — 17:10, Room Two


Sven Ditz

The extreme lean + agile Agency-Concept „RE.A.L.“ already rocked the stage at the two recent T3CONs 15+16 and was both times voted as “best talk”. Now it’s time for a "RE.A.L.ity-Check“:

  • how can you explain the agency principle to your clients in 5 minutes?
  • What are the new RE.A.L-learnings from the past two years?
  • "Golden Rules“ to create RE.A.L. Value
  • … and last but not least: the emergency kit, when a project gets out of hand.

The talk is fully packed with frequently asked questions and our results from real projects. But not just from sitegeist but also other agencies that we consulted, coached and completely agilized about RE.A.L. From internet agencies, clients or external companies like the OTTO Group or Schwabe AG from Switzerland. RE.A.L. in brief: Forget fixed price projects, welcome to the RE.A.L. world — No offers, no specs, no contracts, — It really works: sitegeist is doing their projects with #RawEstimates“ in „RE.A.L.“

During the agile transition of its company, sitegeist combined L.ean and A.gile components with R.aw E.stimates to create the most efficient agency concept you can imagine. The costumers pay sitegeist per hour, even in their biggest projects. Get the main idea of „RawEstimates“ and „The RE.A.L.-Concept“ with practical examples, take a look on how to install and control it. This topic was often a real game-changer for various agencies.

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