TYPO3 Conference 2018
30th — 31st October in Berlin


Petra Hasenau

Petra Hasenau

Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked for major national and international enterprises and business consultancies, Petra entered the TYPO3 universe in 2009. Today she is the CEO of the Cybercraft GmbH.  

Since 2014 she has been organizing the TYPO3 User Experience Week and since 2017 she has been a member of the Expert Advisory Board of the TYPO3 Association. You can find and contact her on plenty of TYPO3 Events, like Camps, Conferences and Developer Days.

In her spare time she likes to go on a walk with her dog in the forests around her hometown and you often find her reading a book. 
She also likes cooking and is completely fascinated by Scotland as a holiday destination.

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